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“Heart of Jenin” is travelling to international film festivals

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009


The documentary film “Heart of Jenin” is travelling to international film festivals around the world and has won already several great awards, such as the first prize in Valladolid (Spain) and the DEFA-Award in Leipzig and the “Most valuable Documentary of the Year 2009″ at Cinema for Peace in Berlin. We are delighted to work with you together on this amazing peace project and we know that without your support and the help of this incredible platform which is “betterplace”, we would not be where we are today.

– Cinema for Peace Award 2009 for most valuable documentary of the year
– Audience Award Internationales Filmfestival Dubai
– 1. Preis Valladolid International Film Festival Sektion “Time of History”
– DEFA-Furtherance Award  DOK Leipzig Festival Germany, 2008
– Audience Award Filmfestival “Movies that matter” – Amnesty International Den Haag, 2009

THANKS and hope to see you in Jenin!

Your cinema Jenin Staff

NGO CINEMA JENIN e.V. was established in Tübingen/Germany

Saturday, April 18th, 2009


We are happy to announce that in November 2008, the German NGO CINEMA JENIN e.V. was established in Tübingen. Cinema Jenin has also been recently registered as a legal NGO in Palestine to open a branch which will run the cinema in the future. Thanks to your donations we are able to keep on working on the renovation process of the cinema. In December, Johannes Hucke, our German project architect,  travelled to Jenin to start working on the construction process together with our local architect, Nawal Mosleh Hamdone, putting together plans and documents, and contacting local companies. Several European companies and private persons already kindlydonated technical equipment.

A note of thanks and a request for continued support

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

DSC01303 Fakhri

It should go without saying how grateful we all are, here at Cinema Jenin, but none more than I for the consistent and loyal support shown to me and my family when it comes to my salary. Your donations, both timely and generous, make it possible for me to focus my attention on my duties and responsibilities toward promoting the project internationally, resting in the assurance that my personal needs are addressed each month. Thank you.

It is my hope this common burden we share in this project is not too heavy for all you faithful supporters and that we can also focus, in addition to my salary, on the other matters at hand, as shown in the list of needs we take care to update and keep complete at all times. An example of this is the “Laptop” item you can find in the list of needs. This one item would make it possible for me to stay in contact with the many people I must meet and communicate with during my travels. Without this I am depenedent always on other people’s computers and this makes it difficult to respond to important matters in a timely way.

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