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Cinema Jenin is supported by Cinema Jenin e.V., a non-profit organization based in Germany consisting of filmmakers, cultural advocates and investors dedicated to globally promote cinema culture in such a way that sustainable development and cultural understanding along with free and fair education are encouraged.

Cinema Jenin e.V.
Eugenstr. 29
72072 Tuebingen

Fon:      +49 (0)7071 36 81 63
Mobile: +49 (0)176 617 35 013

Cinema Jenin Association
Azzaytoon Street No. 1
Jenin | Palestine

Fon:      +972 (0) 42502455
Mobile: +972 (0) 599 075 778

Mail: info(at)
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There are several ways to support, „Cinema Jenin“.
Donate directly to our organization‘s german bank account:

Cinema Jenin e.V (NGO)
Deutsche Bank, Tübingen
Konto-Nummer: 105307300
BLZ: 640 700 24

For bank transfers outside of Germany:
IBAN: DE03640700240105307300

Donate directly to our palestinian bank account:

Cinema Jenin Association
Beneficiary Account: 2198777
Bank of Jordan P.L.C.
Jenin Branch
Swift Code: BJORPS22

Through you can donate online.
100% of private donations, without deductions,
will be forwarded to Project Cinema Jenin.
donate online now link

Helping hands are always needed all around the world. There are several way to support, to volunteer and help out in the project. Become an ambassador for Project Cinema Jenin now! Join NOW! link
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