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All of our international collegues work on a voluntary basis. Project Cinema Jenin does, requires money and material resources to keep  Money donated will go directly go to our Project in Jenin. Nothing will be substracted for Bureaucracy or Promotion.

We need money urgently to finish the restoration of the cinema and to obtain all the required technical equipment. There are many highly motivated and hard-working people here, dedicating their time to the project, but we do have to pay the local craftsmen and for building materials.

In the future, donations will be used to finance the digitalization, dubbing or subtitling of quality movies in Arabic language and to fund workshops and creative activities around the cinema. 

Of course you will get a donation receipt.

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Donate directly to our organization‘s German bank account:

Cinema Jenin e.V (NGO)
Deutsche Bank, Tuebingen
Konto-Nummer: 105307300
BLZ: 640 700 24

For bank transfers outside of Germany:
IBAN: DE03640700240105307300

Donate directly to our Palestinian bank account:

Cinema Jenin Association
Beneficiary Account: 2198777
Bank of Jordan P.L.C.
Jenin Branch
Swift Code: BJORPS22

Through you may donate online.
100% of private donations, without any deductions,
will be forwarded to Project Cinema Jenin.
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