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headline We need new volunteers for 2011
Your time might be the most valuable thing you can contribute to our project. We are looking for volunteers from different fields of expertise to work here in Jenin. If you would like to join our team, please send us an application including a current CV in English. If applicable, please also specify the period of time (at least three months), for which you would like to stay in Jenin.

We can offer all our volunteers in Jenin free accommodation and food in our beautiful guest house, Arabic language courses, a special international working atmosphere and a certificate of completion for the internship. Beyond that you will get in contact with hospitable and open minded locals who introduce you to Arabic culture.

The following is a list of skills that we are currently looking for, to make our project a sustainable success. If your skills do not meet these criteria, we may still be interested in your contribution. Please feel free to send us your CV and your interests to help us develop Cinema Jenin.


We are looking for one or two volunteers who like to help with the running and organization of our beautiful Cinema Jenin guesthouse and to support our guesthouse manager in his work. This includes taking care of the bookings, public relations for the guesthouse, general accounting, updating the internal database, organizing the cooking and occasionally helping with making the rooms.

We are urgently looking for an IT expert who is able to stay with us for a longer period of time. Two important fields of work in which your technical know-how is needed are database and website management. The overall work situation will be extremely challenging since a fully-fledged IT-infrastructure is still lacking. We are also looking for someone who has experience with building up a working LAN network.

We are looking for someone with experience in marketing and video-making who can help us with the production of advertisement clips for the LED screen. The work also includes organizing the screening of the clips on the screen. Electronic skills would be very welcome.

We need volunteers who would like to continue or successful series of creative workshops in different fields. We are especially looking for people who can offer workshops in film-shooting and editing as well as theatre and camera acting. We can offer you a unique environment with very enthusiastic participants.

Human resources
Do you like organizing team work? Then we need you because we are looking for someone who can help us take care of organizing and structuring the work and tasks of the volunteers, welcome new volunteers, make sure that no one forgets about our regular team meetings and also give emotional support wherever it may be needed.

Film program
Are you a film buff with a special interest in Arabic films? We still need someone – preferably fluent in Arabic – who can help improve our film program. There are important tasks involved such as searching for new films, structuring and setting up the program, designing flyers and posters as well as organizing the overall PR for the film program.

Press | Public relations
We still need a long-term public relations expert to raise awareness of our project and improve our communication internationally. There are some important events coming soon in which you can contribute your expertise, for example the worldwide premiere of the Cinema Jenin Documentary in summer of 2011. For this job we prefer someone with good writing skills, some knowledge in web design and fluent Arabic.

Cinema | Light and Sound
The running and maintenance of our cinema is an exciting job but it also requires volunteers with special skills. We are looking for light and sound technicians, someone who is interested in film projection and, generally, people with good repairing and building skills. Volunteers should be open to pass on knowledge: Our goal is to qualify local technicians to run and maintain the lights system independently as soon as possible.

Accounting | Finances
The project needs to professionalize its financial management. To complete our team, we are looking for accounting and finance professionals to support us in managing our incomes and outcomes, and to develop long-term financial planning. For this job you should be fluent in Arabic.

All volunteers should be open to support other volunteers and workers and to do work that is not in their department. This can include selling tickets, ushering, selling popcorn, helping in the cafeteria, cleaning, and even helping in repairing and building tasks.

  headline Start now
This is not an exclusive list. If you have different qualifications or ideas, need more information or want to start to volunteer soon, please contact us: work(at)
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