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Newsletter November 2013: Music and Theatre at Cinema Jenin

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

Dear Cinema Jenin friends and supporters,
We are happy to be able to send you the latest Cinema Jenin newsletter written from our team in Jenin under the direction of Dr. Lamei Assir.

Watch here the latest Newsletter from Cinema Jenin

During the past year, Cinema Jenin was able to develop the city of Jenin into a cultural epicenter by creating a regular Movie program and bringing Music and Theatre into the Cinema. An impressive event this year, was the Premier of “Peter Pan” on April 4th, 2013. “Peter Pan” is a musical play prepared and performed by the Freedom Theater. The troupe combined stage action with the big screen in a virtuosic way, creating an unforgettable performance.

The Teaser can be viewed here:

A further Highlight in the last year was the Dresdner Symphoniker concert, which had it’s premier in Cinema Jenin on June 2nd . It was supported by the German Kulturstiftung des Bundes…

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Cinema Jenin Creative Class founded

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

The Cinema Jenin Creative Class was founded as a project of Cinema Jenin to support citizens, especially youths, of Jenin in different fields of creativity. As a co-project of Cinema Jenin the Creative Class will focus on workshops in film and acting. Additionally it will offer workshops in graphic-design, dancing, and drawing. More workshops in other fields of creativity are imaginable. Creative Class is conceived as a “docking-station”, the many volunteers that join Cinema Jenin constantly can dock in, depending on their profession.

Since Ocober 2012 several workshops were already done at Cinema Jenin. There was a workshop for children how to do your own flipbook with drawings/photographs and a workshop about stop-motion clips. Both workshops were held by three german volunteers, Silas Bahr, Simon Walch and Konstantin Helmsauer. Please follow this link: to see the result of the stop-motion workshop.

In September/November there were two photography-worskhops, one for children „basic photography with disposable cameras“ and another one „photography with smartphones“ for students.

In the childrens worskhop, the participants learned playfully how to use their disposable cameras and how to compose good photographs. This workshop was guided by Mohammed Dasouqi (Palestine), Marte Woxen (Norway) and Julius Matuschik (Germany). The results were exhibited in the Gallery of Cinema Jenin.


Due to the fact that most people nowadays use their smartphones as cameras, a workshop about the basics of photography with smartphones was realised by Mamoun Kanaan, Shadi Balsheh, Mohammed Dasouqi (Palestine), Julius Matuschik and Ingo Bever (Germany). This Workshop was done in cooperation with the Arab American University, Jenin. The results were exhibited in the gallery of the Arab American University. The best pictures were granted by prizes sponsored by Almahroom Optics and Al Ganem Electronics, both local dealers from Jenin.


In the same period there was a digital imaging workshop for beginners realised by Shadi Balsheh, Mohammed Dasouqi (Palestine) and Ingo Bever (Germany). During 6 lessons the participants learned the basics of Adobe Photoshop.

(Almost) business as usual

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

After a few weeks of silence after Juliano Mer Khamis’ death, we would like to tell you that this silence was not the result of the closing down of the cinema. Although the situation in Jenin is quite uncertain at the moment and most of our volunteers decided to leave the city for a while, our great Palestinian staff has taken over all responsibilities and continues the work for the ongoing success of our project. Nevertheless, we cannot accept any applications for voluntary work right now, but will inform you as soon as the situation changes!


Women’s Day all over Palestine!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Womens Day 3Womens day 6Womens Day 2

A new holiday was added to the Palestinian calender for the first time this year! Today, you will find no working women in the shops, no cooking women in the kitchen and no school children in their classrooms. Women are off work today! Instead of following their daily business, women meet up in their women’s associations or at a friend’s house today, eat, talk, wish each other a “Happy Women’s Day” and celebrate themselves. Our female volunteers were invited to join them and had a great time meeting young and old Palestinians enjoying their day.

Theatre Group rehearses a new play in the Cinema

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The theatre group of Mahmoud is rehearsing their third play in the rooms of Cinema Jenin.
The play with the title “Out of service” is about a minister living a really comfortable live in prosperous circumstances with his family. He has five children and one nephew. This nephew is a little bit strange  or maybe he has just his one way of thinking to take live.
One day the parents of his nephew die because of an car accident and the minister takes the nephew to his home and he takes care of him. This changes the life of all. At the end of this humorous play, which really has aspects of a comedy, not only the nephew seems to be crazy but the whole family is…

The theatre company just started with the rehearsals so we can be anxious for the performance.
In any case we are very happy the Cinema is not only used for watching movies but offers also other various possibilities to be creative.

Below you see the theatre company in action.

Theatre companyYousef and Mohammad

OPEN DAY – Cinema Jenin

Sunday, May 30th, 2010


This day, a sandstorm from the desert came over to Jenin. Nevertheless, preparations for the first Open-Day went ahead as planned: we cleaned the cinema, sorted out the front stairs that were heavily stained from the construction work, and swept the cinema garden to make it nice and comfortable for the expected visitors.

At five pm, on the dot, all was finished and the doors were opened: in came people of all ages and gender- families, elderly people, groups of children and young women and men. Women, who so far haven’t had any public space to meet in Jenin, besides the mosque, came in great numbers, many of them all made-up for this special event.

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New workshops have been started

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

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Three and a half months before the opening festival will take place in Jenin, two workshops offered by Cinema Jenin have been started. Volunteer Mike Gentile is very glad to lead a film and editing workshop with about 30 Palestinian locals: “It’s a new experience to offer a workshop and I really enjoy the time with the participants because all of them are very interested in learning how to create a film.” Both workshops are kindly sponsored by HERZENSSACHE e.V. from SWR Baden Baden.

That enthusiasm was a crucial factor for Mike to defer his intended studies, which would begin next month. According to that, he will stay in Jenin for an undetermined amount of time to build up a professional film team, which will be able to create advertising movies for the new LED-Screen. That huge screen (4×6m) to be placed on the cinema’s roof probably arrives in May. The participants are trained in technical skills like shooting, cutting and editing. “The workshop is a great experience for us, some kind of adventure”, Mona Staiti, a participant, said. One of the main characteristics of the workshop, which she especially points out, is the teamwork. “All of us are involved in discussions and processes so that everybody for example gets the chance to be a director or cameraman. We take all decisions together.”

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About the Beauty of an early Morning

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

1 2

Early in the morning, Walid, our great guide, picked us up at the guesthouse. It was really cold in February. We have been a small group of braves, ready to share the beauty of the first sun-rays over Jenin’s mountains.

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“Coming soon” banner on the roof – starting a “local campain”

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

comingsoon1 comingsoon2

Dear friends of Project Cinema Jenin,

some month ago the habitants of Jenin did not really know what these strange foreigners from Europe are doing in their city. Slowly the people realized and understood from personal talks with the team, the volunteers and the local helping hands that we plan to renovate and re-open the cinema next year. So we decided to start a campain in the city to make sure that everybody gets to know about it. In the first step we now have our flyer in Arabic language. Furthermore we announced the re-opening of the cinema, as you can see, on a big banner in Arabic language on the roof of the cinema. Later there will be a LED-screen for commercials produced by the youngsters of the Cinema Jenin Filmschool and Cinema Jenin Production, featuring the movies wich will be show next in the cinema. There are many more ideas regarding this screen.

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Tomorrow Ramadan will be over, or the day after tomorrow?

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

1 2

We had a wonderful barbeque on the last evening of Ramadan with a few craftsmen and a German medical student (Lisa), an intern at a hospital in Jerusalem who stayed at the guesthouse over the holidays. Afterwards we went out for a night on the town. The town was more crowded than ever – unbelievable. Everybody seemed relieved; the crowd’s mood was decidedly different and better than during the previous days.

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