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New workshops have been started

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

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Three and a half months before the opening festival will take place in Jenin, two workshops offered by Cinema Jenin have been started. Volunteer Mike Gentile is very glad to lead a film and editing workshop with about 30 Palestinian locals: “It’s a new experience to offer a workshop and I really enjoy the time with the participants because all of them are very interested in learning how to create a film.” Both workshops are kindly sponsored by HERZENSSACHE e.V. from SWR Baden Baden.

That enthusiasm was a crucial factor for Mike to defer his intended studies, which would begin next month. According to that, he will stay in Jenin for an undetermined amount of time to build up a professional film team, which will be able to create advertising movies for the new LED-Screen. That huge screen (4×6m) to be placed on the cinema’s roof probably arrives in May. The participants are trained in technical skills like shooting, cutting and editing. “The workshop is a great experience for us, some kind of adventure”, Mona Staiti, a participant, said. One of the main characteristics of the workshop, which she especially points out, is the teamwork. “All of us are involved in discussions and processes so that everybody for example gets the chance to be a director or cameraman. We take all decisions together.”

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One day in the west Bank: Palestinian-German short film workshop at Cinema Jenin

Sunday, March 14th, 2010


The Cinema building is still under construction, but one of our main objectives – media training and intercultural communication – has come to a further step. Right now, about 20 young people from Palestine and Germany hold a short film workshop together here at Cinema Jenin.

Together with Goethe-Institut and Beleza Film, young film makers are realizing their short film ideas under the topic “One day in the West Bank”. Over 50 young Palestinians, between 18 and 30 years old, had applied with their own film ideas. The submitted applications cover a wide spectrum of issues such as experiences at checkpoints, the role of women in Palestinian society, stories about their daily life. The 10 best are now developing, shooting, and cutting their own short film production together with a German partner under the professional and technical supervision of Beleza Film.
Forming a network, improving skills, exploring different cultural backgrounds and expressing them by film are seen as the most promising benefits by the participants.

In Summer 2010 the films are to be premiered at the Cinema in Jenin.

Wendelin Marmon

About the Beauty of an early Morning

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

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Early in the morning, Walid, our great guide, picked us up at the guesthouse. It was really cold in February. We have been a small group of braves, ready to share the beauty of the first sun-rays over Jenin’s mountains.

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Just a normal day in Cinema Jenin Guesthouse

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

guesthouse kitchen market jenin

In June 2008, Marcus was the surprise guest at „Social Entrepreneurship Forum“ in Potsdam. He showed the trailer of Heart of Jenin and the audience, mainly tough business men, have been deeply moved. So was I. At the following speakers’ dinner, I sat next to him. „This project’s energy is simply incredible. I would love to take part.“ „Welcome“ was his answer.
For the second time, I am here in Jenin now. Sitting in the basement of this old, beautifully renovated guesthouse. I’m enjoying the fresh air and the peace in the middle of this amazing, boiling hot, vivid, dusty city.

And here, in Jenin, I can feel this high energy again. This house is an open system, attracting people from all over the world. They come, they observe, they listen and then they get hooked – everybody ready to participate, contributing with whatever they can. With a brush in their hand to paint a window frame, or a camera to advise the kids how to shoot scenes of their daily life, with a knife to cut the kilos of freshly bought vegetables from the market around the corner to prepare dinner for numerous hungry stomachs, or sitting at one of the laptops, sending mails or working on the layout of an “Cinema Jenin coming soon” advertisement – or just sitting on the terrace till late, a glass of peppermint in one hand and a cigarette in the other, thinking out of the box to find solutions and new ideas or just talking about the daily impressions….

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Our first guests in the guesthouse – Johannes´ last day in Jenin

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

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On my last day I took it quite easy. After a brief discussion about the next steps with Annette, Achim and Fakhri, it was Achim’s and my first lazy day. We went for a strawl in town. The past days have been so full of impressions, waiting, coffee, hard work and fun and last night, the first evening in the guesthouse with real guests, has been excellent. Tonight I will leave through the Jalameh-checkpoint. It’s much faster from there to Tel Aviv and we heard that the Israelis are not so strict anymore. And in case there would ne any trouble, I still have enough time to go back through Ramallah and Jerusalem.

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A typical working day – Johannes’ diary day 6

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

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This day has been kind of ambivalent. We got up very late, because we had been up till 3.30 am. Due to this fact, in the late afternoon, we had got the impression to have not accomplished anything today. Same for the guesthouse. Close to the planned completion, we met just one emaciated but wonderful paver and the site looked more than messy. Half of the population of Palestine is jobless and our site looked abandoned. Fakhri will give a call to all companies and motivate them to go for a final effort.
In Jenin, we are spending a lot of time with waiting, talking on the phone, and drinking coffee. At some point, Achim and myself, we got fed up with massing around and decided sorting the old tiles of the guesthouse and looking for the appropriate places to incorporate them. Everybody got excited about this idea, especially our nice, old paver.

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Work progress at the guesthouse – Johannes’ diary day 5

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

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We had a short night and had to get up early to leave for Ramallah. Together with our air condition engineer we had to coordinate the the positions of the equipment and the pipes with the rest of the of work sections. Finally we made it! The meeting went smoothly and relaxed (compared to what is happening sometimes in Germany…) We were working at two tables in a cafe. One table has been reserved for the wonderful breakfast, like humus with meat, tomatoes with meat, omelettes, mixed pickles, pita with sesame and cheese, and fresh orange juice). Ramalllah has got a much more Western style due to the concentration of foreign organisations and companies. On our way back, we stopped at an oasis, situated around a natural spring, one of the rare places where you can find abundant spring water.
Back in Jenin, we inspected the work progress at the guesthouse, which was still quite poor for now. Tomorrow, together with Fakhri, we will try to motivate the workers to accelerate their efforts for the final spurt.
To finish my day, I sat down to draw the section and to send it to the air condition engineer, as promised. Fakhri, Achim and myself took a little break and then continued to work, exchanging the latest news and working on the budget. In between, Jamal, our lawyer, took us out for a falaffel restaurant to the city. Once again, it has been great to be in this amazing, crowded, bubbly atmosphere.

Dressed like our Arabic friends – Johannes’ diary day 4

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

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Today has been declared as shopping day. Kitchen equipment has been bought for the guesthouse, like gas stove, refrigerator, washing machine. We had a brief meeting with the air condition guy. Tomorrow we will meet him in Ramallah in order to coordinate the work sections and include it into the execution planning. Then we spent the hole afternoon finding a “Dasch-discha”. This is the traditional robe of Arabic men. Funnily enough, this kind of cloth has been difficult to find, despite Ayman’s well done guiding tour through the market place. Now Achim and myself, we are dressed like our Arabic friends, while they walk around in jeans and t-shirts. When they look at us, they seem like a bit irritated and then they start laughing – we still do not know exactly why….

Friday is Muslim Sunday – Johannes’ diary day 3

Friday, July 31st, 2009

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Friday, which means Muslim Sunday.
We have been invited for lunch at a voluntary worker’s place. His mother together with her daughter (women in the kitchen!) had prepared another delicious meal: stuffed zucchinis with yoghurt dip, minced meat with tomatoes casserole, rice, salad, fried chickens with almonds and cinnamon, spinach, desert. gorgeous meal and great to experience the daily life of the families. Afterwords we have been very efficient: Fakhri doing bookkeeping and me updating the plans till late at night.

Inspection of the Cinema – Johannes’ diary day 2

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

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Inspection of the building site with Achim and to do list regarding the next steps followed by wandering around the market place and the pulsating shopping streets. We ended up, as is so often the case, on Fakhri’s balcony for, chilling and having great conversations.