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Renovation process started!

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

DSC01457 DSC01303 Fakhri

Since October 19th we are in Jenin working with local companies on the renovation of Cinema Jenin. Thanks to donations at better place and donations from local companies in Jenin we were able to finally fix the roof and to begin restoring the first 12 chairs. Meanwhile the municipality of Jenin sent their workers to clean the place from the pigeon dirt. The project now starts being accepted by all parts of the diverse Jenin society. The mayor for example, voted by the Hamas, totally supports the idea of a cinema in Jenin. The ministry of culture of the Palestinian Authority officially visited the cinema and promised to support it financially.

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The renovation work can start – Thanks to all supporters

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

DSC01173 DSC01161

Thanks to Betterplace and all the supporters. We will start fixing the roof and renovate the first dozen chairs in the end of october, when I will travel again to Jenin. We are looking forward to find a lot of people coming to Jenin and helping with the renovation.

Donations for the project can be make here:

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