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Cinema Jenin Night and Roger Waters

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

CIMG0677 RogerWaters

During the last few months, our project has gained further momentum:
We managed to raise 8,500 Euro for the cinema’s sound system at the ‘Cinema Jenin Night’ in the ‘Radialsystem’ in Berlin with Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Desirée Nosbusch. Following this, our Palestinian project manager, Fakhri Hamad, received an unexpected call from Roger Waters, the bassist and songwriter from ‘Pink Floyd’. Roger announced that he was going to cover the entire costs of the sound system himself –  45,000 euros in total. The 8.500 Euros will thus go toward the central elements of the lighting system in the cinema.

While I was away at a two-month long film shoot elsewhere, Fakhri continued to take care of the project. Amongst other things, the office walls on the first floor of the cinema were being painted. However, as Jenin offers few available places for tourists who wish to spend the night, we decided to rent a second property, which will be turned into a simple guesthouse for the many guests and volunteers involved with the renovation and opening of the cinema. This guesthouse will also function as an additional source of income to the people of Jenin. So far, Fakhri has been able to negotiate a favourable lease price. Further details regarding the renovation will be added during my next visit to Jenin in June, when I am going to meet a number of financial supporters.

Opening Night in Düsseldorf/Germany

Monday, May 4th, 2009

DSC_7633 DSC_7641

Today is the opening night of our film “Herat of Jenin” in Düsseldorf in Germany. Together with Fahkri, the project manager of the “Cinema Jenin Project” and Ismael Khatib, we are in the cinema to speak to the audiance, introduce our project and film and answering questions. As on our whole travelling through germany and a lot of opening nights in Berlin, Hamburg and many other cities, we also meet here a lot of nice people which has comited to the project . We thank everybody for your support.