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“Global Eyes TV” Film-Workshop I

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Globaleyes_I_1 Globaleyes_I_2

Dear friends of Cinema Jenin,
While surfing in the internet, I found a challenging project first established in Berlin/Germany: „Global Eyes TV – TV for global youth“. It’s all about building-up online tv-channels all around the world for young people showing their commitment and insights into their daily life. People form 16 countries, among Afganistan, Albania, Cambodia, Burma and Rwanda have already started to work on their first reports. See the first results online.

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Renting a house to built up a guesthouse for volunteers

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

07072008_1 07072008_7

Dear friends of Cinema Jenin,

I just came back from a trip to Jenin with Johannes, our architect and 5 other German professionals to prepare the main phase of the renovation which will start in August.

30 volunteers from all over the world agreed to spend their summer holidays in Jenin to help renovating or to make workshops with the kids in Jenin. Realizing that not everybody of the volunteers can sleep at Fakhris place, we decided to rent a house next to the cinema and to renovate it as our Cinema Jenin hostel. Soon you can check fotos and the process of the renovation of the guesthouse.

During the renovation the guesthouse will enable us to offer free accommodation for all the volunteers including breakfast and one meal a day. In the future Cinema Jenin Guesthouse will be a place for every visitor to stay in Jenin.

The renovation of the guesthouse will cost around 15.000 Euro. In addition to that we will have to buy beds, refrigerators, table war, kitchen staff etc.

There is not much time until the middle of July, but we are looking forward to finish the renovation as fast as possible and move in the guesthouse in the beginning in August the latest.

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