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“Coming soon” banner on the roof – starting a “local campain”

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

comingsoon1 comingsoon2

Dear friends of Project Cinema Jenin,

some month ago the habitants of Jenin did not really know what these strange foreigners from Europe are doing in their city. Slowly the people realized and understood from personal talks with the team, the volunteers and the local helping hands that we plan to renovate and re-open the cinema next year. So we decided to start a campain in the city to make sure that everybody gets to know about it. In the first step we now have our flyer in Arabic language. Furthermore we announced the re-opening of the cinema, as you can see, on a big banner in Arabic language on the roof of the cinema. Later there will be a LED-screen for commercials produced by the youngsters of the Cinema Jenin Filmschool and Cinema Jenin Production, featuring the movies wich will be show next in the cinema. There are many more ideas regarding this screen.

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Tomorrow Ramadan will be over, or the day after tomorrow?

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

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We had a wonderful barbeque on the last evening of Ramadan with a few craftsmen and a German medical student (Lisa), an intern at a hospital in Jerusalem who stayed at the guesthouse over the holidays. Afterwards we went out for a night on the town. The town was more crowded than ever – unbelievable. Everybody seemed relieved; the crowd’s mood was decidedly different and better than during the previous days.

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Just a normal day in Cinema Jenin Guesthouse

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

guesthouse kitchen market jenin

In June 2008, Marcus was the surprise guest at „Social Entrepreneurship Forum“ in Potsdam. He showed the trailer of Heart of Jenin and the audience, mainly tough business men, have been deeply moved. So was I. At the following speakers’ dinner, I sat next to him. „This project’s energy is simply incredible. I would love to take part.“ „Welcome“ was his answer.
For the second time, I am here in Jenin now. Sitting in the basement of this old, beautifully renovated guesthouse. I’m enjoying the fresh air and the peace in the middle of this amazing, boiling hot, vivid, dusty city.

And here, in Jenin, I can feel this high energy again. This house is an open system, attracting people from all over the world. They come, they observe, they listen and then they get hooked – everybody ready to participate, contributing with whatever they can. With a brush in their hand to paint a window frame, or a camera to advise the kids how to shoot scenes of their daily life, with a knife to cut the kilos of freshly bought vegetables from the market around the corner to prepare dinner for numerous hungry stomachs, or sitting at one of the laptops, sending mails or working on the layout of an “Cinema Jenin coming soon” advertisement – or just sitting on the terrace till late, a glass of peppermint in one hand and a cigarette in the other, thinking out of the box to find solutions and new ideas or just talking about the daily impressions….

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Short status report Sept. 15th – 17th

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

DSC00004 DSC00057

It is very quiet today. Everybody is preparing for the last day of Ramadan, only brave Abu Mashdi and his son, who survived two headshots and a shot in the leg in the first Infada and, because of that, sometimes talks to the walls, are up on the roof laying floor slabs. So, public holidays from Sept. 18th – 20th, 2009.

In summary we achieved the following over the last days: On half of the guesthouse roof slabs have been laid, the steel construction for the roof pavilion is agreed upon, the roof drainage is prepared, the work on the exemplary movie chairs is on the way (because of those I might have to get myself a prayer mill), the garden of the cinema and the canal are completely cleaned up, the canal covering has been discussed with the structural engineer, the missing glass panels have been installed in the guesthouse and the reception desk was set up.

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“Cinema Jenin TV – Global Eyes TV” Film-Workshop II

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Globaleyes_II_1 Globaleyes_II_2

This is my report of the first „Cinema Jenin TV“ workshop for our „Global Eyes TV“ contribution. Before coming to Jenin, I wrote an email to Fakhri, our project manager, and asked him to invite the boys of the first spot productions  for another workshop. On the second day after my arrival in Jenin, the 6 boys came to the guesthouse and we made our concept. Marcus’ son, Tom, Marcus’ son, and his friend Paul, who both were spending their holidays in Jenin, became part of the team. In the first step, we decided to make a trailer about Jenin and introduced ourselves to you. I decided to divide the group into three teams. The first one worked with the big camera to shot scenes of the city and the daily life in Jenin and the camp. The second group took my small camera and made interviews with the people of Jenin about their life and the Project Cinema Jenin. The third one shot photos of the group and filmed the surroundings, the making of. Every day we rotated the teams so that everyone could learn to handle the big camera and the different tasks as well. Because the boys do not speak technical English very well, Ma’amun and Amin, our project management’s assistants, supported us in translating. By doing so, they also profited to learn something about film-making.

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The latest news in Cinema Jenin

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Clean up Kitchen

Dear friends of quality cinema,
following a short update on the latest developments in Jenin:
I arrived well and it is good to be back here. The first couple of days turned out to be quite exhausting – it felt like living and sleeping in a dusty construction site trailer while herding cats, but since yesterday I am back on top and settled in.
The guesthouse is all tidied up and clean now, the floors are polished and, once again, I feel very comfortable here. We still need to finish little tasks here and there, but we will get that done in between quite well.

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