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„Heart of Jenin“ nominated for the Emmy-Awards

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Jenin/Berlin – Great news from the USA stunned director Marcus Vetter and his project-team exactly three weeks before the Opening of „Cinema Jenin“: The prizewinning documentary „Heart of Jenin“ was nominated for the „31. News and Documentary Emmy Awards“.

Annually the Emmy-Academy pays tribute to „journalistic excellence by awarding the coveted Emmy to the very best news reports and documentary films aired on national television or streamed over the Internet each year“. The awards for the highest reputed television productions are to be handed out on September 27th, 2010. „Heart of Jenin“ will compete in the category „Outstanding Informal Programming Long Form“.

After having won the German Film Award this past April, this new honor is the latest highlight. “The Emmy Nomination literally came from nowhere,” exclaims Marcus Vetter. “For weeks now we have been working day and night in Jenin to make sure that Cinema Jenin will be ready in time for the opening ceremony on August 5th—all of our thoughts revolve around this cinema! This surprising news from New York comes at the best time and has given us more energy and encouragement.” Amongst others, Human Rights activist Bianca Jagger announced her attendence for the big opening. Roger Waters, founding member of Pink Floyd and loyal supporter of Cinema Jenin, wrote a song for the opening celebraton in almst two weeks.

The Background of „Heart of Jenin“ and Cinema Jenin:
Marcus Vetter never forgot the story behind the documentary “Heart of Jenin.” Therefore, two years ago the filmmaker from Southern Germany decided to reconstruct an abandoned cinema in Jenin with the help of Palestinian specialists and international volunteers. This cinema came to be called Cinema Jenin. It was during this process of reconstruction, that the Non-Profit Organization “Cinema Jenin” came into being. Many people who are involved in the Cinema Jenin project have created numerous visionary ideas which revolve around Jenin becoming a center for Palestinian artwork and film. Some creative initiatives include: the distribution of documentaries like “After the Silence” from Cinema Jenin Production, the creation of a sound studio where movies from all over the world will be dubbed and subtitled for viewing in the cinema, and the creation of a film school for talented Palestinian adolescents. Various workshops havealready began taking place in Cinema Jenin.These workshops go beyond just filmmaking, but also put include a focus on other topics, such as empowerment for Palestinian women and ecological awareness projects for the kids in Jenin.