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“Heart of Jenin” won the “Öngören Price”

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Yesterday, Marcus Vetter’s “Heart of Jenin” was awarded the “Öngören Price for Democracy and Human Rights” at the German-Turkish Filmfestival in Nuremberg. Congratulations!

700 students watching Shakespeare’s “King Lear” at Cinema Jenin

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the area Jenin, we will host more than 700 students studying for their final exams. From March 29th to 31st we screen a film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s drama “King Lear”, which was read in the English classes in 11th grade and hope the students will profit from the visualization of their learning matter. We also consider screening movies for several other grades within the next months.


New workshops starting at Cinema Jenin!

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Stop Motion Workshop: Colour your dreams!
From  March 24th to  26th, two of our volunteers, Mara Klein and Kathrin Keusch, will offer a workshop for a group of children between 6 and 12 years. Together, they will produce stop motion shortfilms about the paticipants’ dreams of their future.

Scriptwriting Workshop

In this workshop, our volunteer Sonja Polligkeit will show the participants how to develop a script for a short film. Starting with the basics – how to find an idea, how to develop a story outline… – the students will go on to learn about how to structure a story, how to develop a character and how to build up the tension. The participants will also arrange a script which will then be filmed and edited in cooperation with the following workshops.

Filming Workshop

Opening the workshop with the general question „How can I put a script into pictures?“, our volunteer Falko Lachmund will teach the participants not only the basics of cinematography but also detailed knowledge about our equipment and camera technique. The lighting of film scenes and the application of certain camera angles will also be discussed intensively. In order to visualize the theoretical approach, the participants will watch numerous films as examples. In the end of the workshop, they will shoot a short film.

Editing Workshop

At the beginning, the participants of this workshop will learn how to use a cutting program and how to cut film sequences together with our volunteer Moritz van Gunsteren. By and by, they will learn more advanced techniques like title animation, special effects and color correction. In the end, they will cut their own short film.

The last three workshops will start on March 20th at 4 p.m. and will last about five weeks. Depending on the process, there will be about two sessions a week. If you are still interested in participating you can send us an e-mail to or just come by.

Yoga in Jenin

Friday, March 18th, 2011

A Path arises while you start walking on it (Chinese proverb)


The reason why I came to Jenin in January 2011 was to teach Yoga in a Women’s Association.

Dagmar told me, that the women themselves came up with this great idea. That meant to me, that there were women either knowing about yoga or already practicing.


I decided to do a very basic program that included breathing and the observation of breathing, and the “Sun Salutation”, which is a combination of fluent moves. In between, I did as well other exercises, but I focussed on these two things.


Of course, I tried to prepare myself to be able to deal with cultural misunderstandings, language problems and so on. I met a Lebanese friend of mine before leaving, who is doing Yoga as well, to ask her what kind of Asanas (movements) would be the most appropriate.


In the end, everything was totally different from what I had expected.


The women are very open-minded, without any hesitation they follow the lessons, really moving their bodies, women of all ages, from sixteen to sixty, and from all kinds of social backgrounds from high society, academics to housewifes.


There are a lot of overweight woman, but that does not mean, that they are not flexible. They can sit on the floor for a long time and breath deeply. They really are committed, and work hard – and with a lot of fun!


I was quite amazed, that the older ones, because of working all their life very hard, are in very good physical condition: After some lessons they showed me their daily praying movements which is also a kind of physical practice that helps to keep them so agile. I realized that there were similar moves in Yoga and Islamic Praying.


They started to integrate the deep breathing of Yoga into their praying, in order to extend the words they were reciting and to have a deeper contact to themselves.


And it has been a very special moment for me, when once a very overweight woman, who was not speaking English, made me understand that after Yoga she is always feeling so good and different. And during the lessons I could experience, how she became more relaxed, even looking lighter, standing on one leg and straighten up the other one parallel to the ground.

This playing around with her body like a child had a wonderful effect. I could see it in her face.


This woman, who rapidly had experienced the benefit of doing Yoga, once showed me her mobile phone. On the display, there was a photo of her son, killed during the Second Intifada.

We can just try to imagine the stress they have been exposed to in their daily live – and still are, and the feelings they have to deal with.


Yoga is also known as a powerful technique to reduce stress by the positive effects of the Yoga Asanas, the breezing and the concentration on oneself. I feel very lucky that I was able to give them another instrument to better cope with the difficulties of their daily live.


Unfortunatly I couldn´t make any photos, because the women did not wear their headscarf during the lessons, which means that it was a very private setting.


Right now we are looking for other yoga teachers to follow-up! And I am also planning to come back soon to my Yoga classes at the Women’s Society in Jenin.


Thank You, Yana Schulz

Exhibition «Gaza, after the 2009 war» by Kai Wiedenhöfer

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

The Goethe-Institut in Ramallah and Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand in cooperation with Cinema Jenin invites to the exhibition opening

«Gaza, after the 2009 war»

Photos by Kai Wiedenhöfer

Wednesday 16th of March, 5 p.m.,

at the Cinema Jenin

Free Admission

On March 16th, the Goethe-Institut Ramallah will open an exhibition with photos by Kai Wiedenhöfer in the gallery of our Cinema.

Kai Wiedenhöfer, born in 1966, is a well-known and award-winning photographer from Germany. He has already published his work in prestigious magazines like „Newsweek“, „Time“, „Le Monde“ and „Stern“.

His photos, documenting the consequences of Israel’s war against Gaza, have been awarded with the Carmignac Gestion Photojournalist Award 2009.

Unpeopled images of ruined buildings photographed with an architectural precision are contrasted with portraits of equally ruined people with truncated limbs and scarred bodies.

A selection of this work will be presented in Cinema Jenin.


Women’s Day all over Palestine!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Womens Day 3Womens day 6Womens Day 2

A new holiday was added to the Palestinian calender for the first time this year! Today, you will find no working women in the shops, no cooking women in the kitchen and no school children in their classrooms. Women are off work today! Instead of following their daily business, women meet up in their women’s associations or at a friend’s house today, eat, talk, wish each other a “Happy Women’s Day” and celebrate themselves. Our female volunteers were invited to join them and had a great time meeting young and old Palestinians enjoying their day.

Screening “Women of Cyprus”

Monday, March 7th, 2011

The documentary “Women of Cyprus” by Vassiliki Katrivanou and Bushra Azzouz explores on the eve of the U.N. referendum on the Annan Plan, the hidden histories of the divided island, the meanings of safety and home, and the women’s will to live together again.

Screening on Sunday, 13th march, 5 p.m. at Cinema Jenin.

After 20 Years – A new Cinema Jenin production

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Check out the trailer for our latest production in Jenin, called “After 20 Years”. Enjoy.

A german palestinian co-production, presented by Cinema Jenin. The film is being made in a workshop for palestinian locals, where they can learn all about the craft of making a movie.

Director and Editor: Benjamin Ebner
Co-Director and Production Designer: Manal Abdallah
Director of Photography: Falko Lachmund
Screenplay: Mahmoud Abu-Jafar
On Location Sound: Ayman Nasri

Uncle Noor
– Allam Abdallah
Boy – Yousef Shalabi
Firas – Mohammad Musharka
Receptionist – Ayman Nasri

– Canon 5D Mark II
Lenses – Nikon 28-70mm, Canon 50mm
Editing – Premiere Pro, After Effects
Color Correction – Magic Bullet

Teachers concert of the Barenboim-Said Foundation

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Last Saturday, Cinema Jenin had the great pleasure to host an amazing classical concert organized by the Barenboim Said Foundation from Ramallah. In the course of the last months, professional musicians from all over the world had teached young Palestinians how to play the instrument of their choice. During the performance, those skilled children could show their great progress playing violin, flute, clarinet and cello together with their teachers and young musicians from Germany. In front of an enchanted audience of around 100 people from Jenin and the area, they presented music by Bach, Beethoven, Fernati and several others.

The Barenboim Said Foundation’s activity in the Occupied Territories started in 2004. Now, it does not only manage a kindergarden but it also cooperates with several other NGOs to introduce Palestinian children to classical music. It organizes orchestral workshops as well as regular concert series and has recently produced the first Palestinian opera, The Sultana of Cadiz. The objective of their projects is based on a music education that enables, as far as possible, a balanced cognitive, social and emotional development, offering through music new channels of expression and the development of their imagination, creativity and personality.

Barenboim allplaying

New short-movie of Cinema Jenin-production: „After 20 years“

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

During the last weeks a team consisting of employees and volunteers from Cinema Jenin worked hard to realize a new shortfilm produced in our project. In the expressive screenplay written by Mahmoud Ghaleb Abu Paafr, a young volunteer  from Jenin, a man goes abroad to work and loses contact to his family during the second Intifada. When he comes back after 20 years, he starts looking for his son and discovers more than he had expected.
Our production manager Ben Ebner is currently busy cutting so that we will soon be able to present a first trailer on

Falko and BenBen and Allam