Newsletter November 2013: Music and Theatre at Cinema Jenin

Dear Cinema Jenin friends and supporters,
We are happy to be able to send you the latest Cinema Jenin newsletter written from our team in Jenin under the direction of Dr. Lamei Assir.

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During the past year, Cinema Jenin was able to develop the city of Jenin into a cultural epicenter by creating a regular Movie program and bringing Music and Theatre into the Cinema. An impressive event this year, was the Premier of “Peter Pan” on April 4th, 2013. “Peter Pan” is a musical play prepared and performed by the Freedom Theater. The troupe combined stage action with the big screen in a virtuosic way, creating an unforgettable performance.

The Teaser can be viewed here:

A further Highlight in the last year was the Dresdner Symphoniker concert, which had it’s premier in Cinema Jenin on June 2nd . It was supported by the German Kulturstiftung des Bundes… On June 6th, Cinema Jenin showed the prizewinning Film “Five broken Cameras”. The showing was attended by the director who held a discussion after the screening. Also in June, our team was once again joined by volunteers to resolve technical questions and problems. Our complimentary supporter and IT professional Moritz Drotleff took for several months off his work and set up a 3D-Cinema in Cinema Jenin with our Swiss Cinema technician, Raff Fluri.

The Dance workshop “No Limit e.V.” from Berlin created an exchange program with Jenin called “Everything runs very quickly! Where has the time gone?”. The workshop went on to win a dance competition at a performance in Ramallah. We have also reached out to communities in Rostock through a team lead by Holm Dietz, Ursel Braunhold and Harald Baumann, to mention a few. They initiated further events to collect donations for the Cinema. In the last three years, we collected yearly donations of about 50,000€ to pay our Palestinian staff.

We also received financial support from the protestant Church of Hessen (EKHN), The German Bundesbahn, the Volkswagen-AG and a lot of private donors. Since our last bank statements in November, and for the first time in our history, we have been unable to collect any money on our bank account. As it stands, we don’t have any capital to bring Cinema Jenin during the next year.

Therefore our appeal: Help us to finance the monthly salary (350€) of one of our Palestinian employees.

As a thank you for helping us continue to pay the monthly salary of our Palestinian employee in the year 2014 you will receive a Download Link of the Movie “After the Silence”, a documentary co-produced with Cinema Jenin about Yael Armenet, an Israeli woman, who’s husband, Dov Chernobroda was killed by a suicide bomber in Haifa. After years of sorrow, she visits the suicide bomber’s family in Jenin to build a bridge of hope.

Please send Donations to:

Cinema Jenin e.V.
Deutsche Bank
account No. : 105307300
Bank code: 640 700 24

Or donate online via Betterplace:

Send an E-mail with your donation and an address were we can send the Download-Link of “After the Silence” to.
On Sunday, 24th November 2013 at 10:15pm, the documentary “Cinema Jenin” is going to have his television premier on ARTE and it will open the ARTE-Documentary Film Festival.

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Affectionate regards
Your Cinema Jenin e.V. Team
First row: Dr. Lamei Assir (Manager), Maisa Assir (Marketing) Second row: Fuad Abdullah (Commercials), Sayel Yarrar (Protectionist), Shadi Balshesh (Design), Ayman Ibrahim (Guesthouse), Safaa Abbadi (Accountant) Third row: Allam Abdallah (Facility Manager), Murad Jarrar (Sales), Mohammad Dasuqi (Creative Class), Loai Tafesh (Cineclub)

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  1. i work for a small filmclub in uster, a town near zurich. we celebrate our 12th anniversary in april 2014.
    we would like to support your project. do you have an adresse in switzerland?
    i’m wating for your reponse.
    kind regards
    bernie meier

    qtopia kino+bar
    bernie meier
    8610 uster
    privat ++41 (0)44 941 41 76
    office ++41 (0)43 818 24 65
    mobil ++41 (0)79 810 31 77

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